Graduate courses:
  • CS 649 Human-Computer Interaction (Design course), Prof. Michael Terry

  • CS 889 Seminar Course on Replication Studies, Prof. Edward Lank

  • SYDE 643 Collaborative Systems Design, Prof. Stacey Scott

  • MSCI 601 Research Methods in Social Studies, Prof. Parmit Chilana

  • CS 798 Games for Health (AI), Prof. Chrysanne Di Marco

  • CS 858 Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Prof. Ian Goldberg


Undegraduate courses:
  • CS 135 Designing Functional Programs {Racket}

  • CS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction {Racket, C}

  • CS 240 Data Structures and Data Management {C++}

  • CS 246 Object-Oriented Software Development {Shell, C++}