Ownership of technology
Parental Online Information Sharing
Understanding parents’ information sharing strategies.
Monitoring of Children’s Activity
Exploring parents’ child-related information needs, motivations and strategies for utilizing the information.
Tasks for Conversational Agents
Understanding end-users' perceptions of the tasks and interactions with conversational agents in home settings
Anthropomorphization of IPA
Identifying patterns in users' anthropomorphized perceptions of Intelligent Personal Assistants.
Modeling Attention in Video Meetings
Developing a classification of observable attention accessible for teleconferencing feature support.
Co-Presence in Remote Collaboration
Online Reputation in Search Results
Identifying strategies for vetting, managing, and interpreting person related content in online search.
A case study exploring the context of a game-with-a-purpose design seeking to support mental health in young adults.
Distant Pointing on Large Displays
Developing techniques for distant pointing on large wall-type 3D displays.
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Villages along the Mezen River
Southern coast of the White Sea. Ethnographic research. Summer 2009
The East Coast of Lake Baikal
Cultural research. Summer 2005
Varzuga Village
Kola Peninsula, the White Sea. Folklore research. Summer 2004.
Yazula, Village of Telengit People
Altai Mountains. Cultural research. Summer 2003
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Perception of Aggressive Stimuli
Examining perception of aggressive stimuli in different modalities among neurotypical people and people with disorders of depressive spectrum.
Perception of gender aggressiveness
Examining prevailing believes of gender specific aspects of aggression and aggressiveness.
Psych Development of Preschoolers
Exploring prevailing specifics of psychological development among older preschoolers in urban and traditional cultures in Russia.
Social and Personal Adaptation
On-site study for the following development of a psychological services program for students during the ethnographic research expedition.
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