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As a researcher, I am dedicated to sharing my work and the work done by my group with a wide audience. Here is some information about the coverage of our work in research talks, presentations, and Public Media.


Contextual Information in Design of Computer Systems for Communication

Talk @PRISM, University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science | March 2021

From Interaction to Collaboration: The Role and Structure of Contextual Information in The Design of Computer Systems

Talk @University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Computer Science | March 2020

Anthropomorphized Perceptions Of Conversational Agents

Talk @IzraHCI’20, Tel Aviv, Israel | February 2020

How Much is Too Much?

Talk @ UbiComp’19, London, UK | September 2019

Understanding Sense of Presence

Talk @Inria, the MJOLNIR team, Lille, France | November 2016

Sense of Presence in Virtual Environments

Talk @ YouTube, San Bruno, CA, USA | August 2016

People Searched by People: Context-Based Selcetiveness in Online Search

Talk @ Google, Mountain View, CA, USA | June 2016

How to Measure Social Presence: The Role of Speech Patterns

Poster Talk @ the Graphics Interface Conference, Halifax, Canada | June 2015


Selected Media Coverage

``How research can enable more effective remote work'' by Jaime Teevan

Microsoft Research Blog | April 9, 2020

``People Too Trusting of Virtual Assistants.'' 

Live Interviews across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston-Barrie, London, Thunder Bay, Windsor, Kitchener, Sudbury)

CBC Radio | January 7, 2020

``People Too Trusting of Virtual Assistants.''

ACM Tech News | January 6, 2020 

``Study Found Consumers Believe Siri is Disingenuous…'' by Bret Kinsella | January 5, 2020

``Trusting virtual assistants could make us more revealing.'' by Christine Clark

KitchenerToday | January 3, 2020

``How Humanizing Virtual Assistants Earns Consumer Trust.'' by Laurie Sullivan

MediaPost | January 2, 2020

``New study from Waterloo suggests parents need to give their kids privacy.'' 

Video news segment @ CTV Kitchener | August 2019​

``When is too much monitoring?'' by Steve Kannon

The Observer | August 2019

``Kid tracking apps and information needs of parents.''

Radio Live Interview. Kitchener today with Briane Bourke | August 6, 2019

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